Yellow Card

Yellow Card is a WordPress plugin that lets blog visitors flag objectionable comments, and reduces the visibility of comments that have been flagged a certain number of times. The number of flags required to reduce visibility and what constitutes reduced visibility are configurable, amongst other things.


Tested on WP 2.0 and 2.1, with PHP 4 and 5.

Version History

0.3 Original release, 5/1/07.

0.4 Added multiple flag types, 5/10/07


The current version of Yellow Card is available here.


  1. Download from, and unzip it.
  2. Put YellowCard folder into the [wordpress_dir]/wp-content/plugins directory on your server.
  3. Go to the WordPress admin interface, click the 'Plugins' tab, and activate the plugin
  4. Optional: go to the WordPress admin interface, click the 'Options' tab, click "Yellow Card", and change the default options
  5. If you're using a version of WP earlier than 2.1, you need to install the Prototype Javascript library, which is included with the YellowCard zip. [add instructions...]


Yellow Card is open source software, released under the MIT license.


YellowCard was inspired by an exchange of comments on a blog post by Tim O'Reilly. It's based on functionality from and Craigslist. It was built by me, John McGrath, in May 2007.

Suggestions welcome. If you want to translate Yellow Card, write me: john[at]

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