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grand central clock


burning towers

* why buy toys? because you could make some little kid happy, you selfish pig, why else? another incidental reason is because this links to my parent's little toy company, whose site i built.

hey everybody, i made a podcast. if you just want a direct link to the audio file, it's here.

It's been slow coming, but I'm finally putting up the old photos. Soon I'll be adding more, some from the past two cross country trips, some from Woods Hole. Hopefully I'll better organize them later, but right now it's they're kind of a train wreck. A train wreck with a search engine, at least, thanks to my mad sql chops.

Jesus Christ, I'm just a lazy dumb bastard, aren't I? Fryolator used to be filled with beautiful images, trenchant commentary, and poignant humor. And now, well, now it's just a tatty shadow of its former self, practically empty. Oh well. I really mean to get all those pictures back up, and the polls, and all that other good stuff that I spent hundreds of hours building so that all fourteen members of the Fryolator Army would be amused and delighted. And I will, I'll do that. Eventually.

new fryolator
Fryolator has moved, once again, this time to Woods Hole, Massachusetts. We've moved to a new host as well, one with better JSP support. This is why the site will be, for a while, as barren and empty as Cape Cod in the winter. I'll try to get the photos up soon though, and the surveys, and eventually fryolator will be the happy little ray of sunshine you're used to.


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